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The Paper Project

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Another Member...yo ho ho [07 Mar 2006|05:30pm]

Welcome thecomaboy!

Kelly can join. Kelly, join!
Of course, you can always wait for a verdict. Whichever way works best.
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[07 Mar 2006|12:17pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

i propose we let miss au yeung into the paper project, because.. she asked.
she likes the PP, and she finds the organisation highly interesting, all for, say eye.

kelly says hi !!

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[23 Feb 2006|06:29pm]

YAY Paper Project is back in action! Here's a ditty I wrote and It's really really bad, but I thought I should at least put something up here.


She is the sky

At once a thousand clouds

But to some

Always white plain


She is the wind

At once a sting on the face

But to others

Just bitter from the rain


She, is the moon

At once a brightening globe

A side though

Not yet  revealed


But she is herself

Some bright

Some happy

Some true

A tinge of vermilion

Guarded by her name

A firm burst of passion

Ignited by her flame


A package wrapped so tightly

With firm blunt twine

And a poking of some ribbon

Also used to bind.


Sitting on a carriage

Awaiting for the whistle

To blow with triumph

Down the firm tracks


Into the waiting hands

Of one that will cherish her

“Forever you will be mine”

He will say

And so she goes sitting

Awaiting for that day.



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[21 Feb 2006|08:32pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]


*does voodoo dance around golf course tree*


oh when i woke up tonight!
i said iiiiiimmmm gonna start up paper project!
were gonna start up paperproject!
and now i know
now i know,
now i know,
were all now gonna post,
oh were so lucky lucky lucky!!!


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[21 Feb 2006|08:17pm]

[ mood | today's a happy day ]

This doesn't mean we have to talk about our feelings does it?

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[06 Dec 2005|06:08pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

its so hot.
anyway since no ones been posting anything and since i have some old shit. here's some old shit

a walk in the dark
she cannot resist
to leave a make
a cut on her wrist

out of nowhere he appears
holding her, soothing her crys
quietly he listens, he see's her fears
in her dreams.. she falls. she dies

its another deimension
many fail to see
a a place without expression
where rage turns to glee

back to her room
it was just, pen to paper

this fear will loom
hearts heavy
filled with gloom
black and deadly
throw it away.

a cry for attention
a sprig of lust
she see's redemntion
shee needs, she must.

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The Tree [22 Nov 2005|06:27pm]

The tree is dead now
In Spring it bore fruit
In Summer it provided shelter
In Autumn it shed its leaves
And in Winter it shared its misery

With each passing season the tree
Showed a new face
Its roots caressing the ground
Stamping out reality
Like a plastic ornament in the backdrop
Of life

It always smelled of bark and sap
The young ones would sit beneath it
And feel the earthy nature
While those with tired eyes
Would glance and sigh
Another life doomed to die

For a beginning is a fragile thing
Bright and reaching for the sun
But time will watch its soul
Grow old
And wilt towards the ground

They smiled because the tree was there
Sturdy trunk and branches
The sky fell down upon the tree
Gracefully cascading

But the tree is dead now
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Feeyona's First [15 Nov 2005|04:53pm]


At the Day's End

Melting faces, drowned in nowhere
Seem so beautiful to touch
I don't know you, nothing of you
If i stare, i hope you won't mind much

 Just a little longer
Would this make me any stronger

Swirls of wind
Scream out my name
Envious eyes, glare at me
Would i ever be the same
Again. But When.
At the day's end.

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[04 Nov 2005|03:08pm]

[ mood | bored ]

You Made Me This Way.
So, you think you finally know who I am?
When in reality, you don't give a damn.
I gave you my heart, you threw it away.
How in the world could you treat me this way?

I let down all my defences for you.
Let you see inside my soul so blue.
You left me alone in the dark to fend.
How could I have thought you were my friend?

I feel lost when I hear your calming voice,
Confused and unable to make the choice.
Don't have it in my heart to say goodbye.
What did I do to deserve all your lies?

All my reasoning's black and white.
Can't even tell what's wrong from what's right.
Don't like this monster I've come to be.
How in the world could you do this to me?

Because of you, I live in fear.
Cannot cry, cannot shed a tear.
Strong on the outside, inside oh, so weak.
You made me this way... a loveless freak.

SO, I have no idea where that came from. I don't even like it.

Oh well. That's my mind sometimes.

Feedback? It doesn't matter either way.

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[28 Oct 2005|10:11pm]

[ mood | cynical ]

GoddessCollapse )

I need to be kept away.

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[27 Oct 2005|08:12pm]

[ mood | disappointed ]

It's like a story I never meant to finish. Like emotion gone wrong

It actually makes no sense.

Red BicycleCollapse )

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[23 Oct 2005|08:35am]

[ mood | crazy ]

she listens, and watches
but, never speaks a word.
tears glide down her face.
but, not a single cry is heard.
for a moment her eyes are closed,
cascaded by the sun.
someone by cold water's doused,
she raises up her gun.
the flowers smile at her,
she looks up at the sun.
but this fair girl is bitter,
and so she starts to run.
it slowly runs down her neck,
as throws him one last glance.

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[22 Oct 2005|02:13pm]

[ mood | content ]

Zrinka. How the crap did u do that header that u posted? I know it was about 50 years ago, but you have to compensate for certain things.

Let's make up a poem, shall we?

I've seen your summer smiles,
and the spring light in your hair,
the autumn leaves can't beat your lips,
but there's winter in your stare.

You dance like the sea's gentle breeze,
the wind whispers your name,
but when you cast your gaze my way
I see storm and hurricane.

You surely are a sunshine thing,
Or that's what people say
But it's the dark streaks on your soul
that show up in light of day.

I don't judge your story by it's title,
You laugh and breath and shop in stores,
Just like everyone who has a past
But no one has one like your's.

I'm not entirely sure that all is rythimically correct. But you try writing a poem with Marcy Playground and Pink Floyd blasting in you're ears.

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[20 Oct 2005|09:14pm]

[ mood | confused ]

When the blue fades from your eyes
They will look like butterflies
And the rain comes in to steal your soul
Delicated drops balance on lashes black as coal
Fragile as they are, they curve down your face
And trace lines that cannot be erased
'Til the sun comes out to burn your ivory skin
Licking flames above us of candy-apple sin
And it will remind us of memories
Of dancing 'neath the lemon trees
When dawn came we'd breathe in morning light
Until the breeze blew us away like paper kites

Look at the pretty rhymes and the ugly beat. I wish I could write longer. Ho hum.

There are people yelling at my ear. Trashy words aimed at other people.

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[17 Oct 2005|06:03pm]

[ mood | high...on life! ]



ello..ello...ello...*dies out*

*is sad*

this is a dead commmunity!!!


community...community...community...*dies out*



ow...ow...ow... *dies out*

lol this is pointless!!!


(result of boredom)

whats happened to this space???
lol ohhh well....


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*Welcomes Self* [17 Sep 2005|05:14pm]

[ mood | amused ]

I do not have anything poetic or story-esque to post at this moment,
but do not fear, I shall grace you shortly with my poetic genius.

I have already graced you with my modesty, as you can tell.

P.S- Chameleon.

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Poetically Calling For People [17 Sep 2005|03:47pm]

[ mood | bringing back the love.. ]

To Lovers of Paper,
And lovers of projects,
I give my first entry,
I wont take many moments,

Ive noticed that this is dying,
The community which was once alive,
So i began to write this poem,
In hope it might survive,

This Community was so special,
But people just lost touch,
I guess were all distracted,
And depend on others just too much,

Not many people have updated,
And ive watched it for a while,
It was only just a month ago,
When i got added to the pile,

So im trying to make it special again,
By proving just this case,
The community has so much to gain
if you just post at this place,

Im hoping that this has convinced you all,
To just bring back the love,
As this community is just so cool,
To give up would be tough,

*i hope you liked it, and it maybe convinced people :D

If not...ill flood this community..like a kid to candy :D

Poetically yours children

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I hardly ever proof-read [14 Aug 2005|07:11pm]

[ mood | cold ]

AugustCollapse )

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for a minute all the world can wait. let go of your yesterday [14 Aug 2005|12:10pm]

[ mood | creative ]

yes well i got bored so ive made a new header. mums yelling at me
Image hosted by TinyPic.com

its nothing compared to renes. i like her splattered font. but yeh

you know fee there is absolutely nothing wrong with hilary duff
it was meant to be n emblem. but i got carried away. PJ said sumt about mkaing new emblems when this thing started.. but like.. nobody bothered. nobody but Beth. anyway it is only now that Madame Z. is starting to get use to this whole Jasc PSP thing.


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[09 Aug 2005|04:18pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

lol i got bored, and i hit muffin into google and yeah muffin flash movies!! sorry im a little slow with this muffin thingy but yeah....


http://fat-pie.com/jim.htm check out jims story its so random... XD

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